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Welcome to orthopedic shop We help people regain their mobility and easily being. We are one of the biggest online retailers for orthopedic braces and support. We sell only the highest medical grade Knee Braces, Wrist Braces, Ankle braces, Elbow braces, Foot braces, Back braces, Thumb and Finger braces support condition such as Back pain, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Abdominal Strain, Foot Pain, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, Arch support, Hernia and Arthritis pain. Manufacture by FLA Orthopedics, 3M (FUTURO) and BAUERFEIND, Which made to pitch the top performance. We alsoprovide Dr.Comfort Diabetic shoes and Orthopedic shoes along with Diabetic socks and Compression socks designed and manufactured with your foot health in mind. They're perfect forpeopleliving with Diabetes, Arthritis, Edema, Neuropathy and Circulation issues. With the right products nothing will slow you down So why shop around? Please contact us with any comments you may have.   


FLA Orthopedics® offers one of the most accomplished and innovative product portfolios available. An extensive array of patents continues to distinguish FLA's innovative products from the competitor and bring more relief to the people who wear and gain from our orthotics. FLA products are made with premium materials – such as micro denier fibres, spandex, and latex free elastics. These modern materials, combined with proven designs, result in the ultimate shape and comfort. When we say "Fashioned for Form and Function, ®" it’s a promise we deliver on.


FUTURO™ brand offers a broad line of supports, braces and compression stockings designed in collaboration with a team of physicians, specialists and engineers. We're here to help support you as you live life on your terms. Our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals brings innovative technology to every product we make.


Bauerfeind AG is a German health care equipment company, one of the largest manufacturers of orthopaedic stockings and inserts in the world.